Saddle Sniffer Needs Gelding


Victoria discovers a servant in the act of sniffing her leather riding saddle. She whips him, makes him lick her boots and spurs. She sits down and kicks his cock and balls around, gouging them with her ultra high spike heels and spurs. She tells him that he needs to be gelded in order to control his erection !

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Just A Whipping


Victoria really enjoys the simple things in life ... and whipping is just one of them! 

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Smoking Boot-Heel Domination


Victoria borrows one of the slaves belonging to Vivienne L'amour. He is fairly new in his training so Victoria begins to torment him with her sharp boot heels, gradually increasing the intensity of her punishments until he can take no more. A little disappointed that she was not allowed to make him bleed since he is a new slave in training, Victoria would like to know if there are any real hard slaves that she can amuse herself with :) 

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Session with Vivienne L'amour

Vivienne L'amour takes a new slave through a punishment routine, using a variety of whips, canes and paddles, gradually increasing the intensity of the beating. 
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Time To Go ... Smoking And Cigarette Torment


The condemned slave hangs in the cage. Victoria strolls in and informs him that he is to be executed. His pleads for mercy are ignored as Victoria proceeds to describe the pleasure she will have deciding how to end him ... 

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Vivienne L'amour trains a new ponyboy


 Approx 45 minutes film following the training of a new ponyboy. Mistress begins by describing a variety of horsey traits and gaits ... She expects him to remember everything! But the poor ponyboy is not a quick learner which becomes apparent as he is put through his paces.

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Why Gelding is so Important


"I love kicking and crushing balls"

by Victoria

Take this scene for example.  The disrespectful ponyboy displays an erection, the moment Victoria arrives in his stable cell. She commands him to 'Get it Down'. But the impudent wretch does not comply. So she has to waste her precious time to control the wayward organ. Jabbing it with her ultra-high heels and trampling seems to do the trick.

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Smoking Spurs Torment


Victoria relaxes with a cigarette whilst jabbing her boot spurs into the slave's back, kicking harder and harder the more he yelps in pain.

She really loves the expensive arollo ultra-high heel boots - especially with the addition of the cruel spurs! 

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Stallions Wanted


 Victoria puts another so-called stallion through its paces. But, she very quickly determines that he is not a true stallion by any stretch of the imagination. Unfit and slow to react to commands, she decides that punishment is the only solution. If you think that you have what it takes to become a satisfactory ponyboy, get in touch!

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You Are Both Welcome


‚ÄčThe final scene of Victoria's last video shoot was in the playroom.  Two slaves were restrained whilst Victoria punished them. It amused her so much that the slaves thanked her for the beating that left red welts from her cruel thin riding whip in their soft flesh. She enjoyed whipping them and was most disappointed that the time had come to end the session. She desires to continue this theme to begin the next shoot on Friday 18th august. If you would like to thank Victoria yourself ... for being at her mercy ... contact us to appear in this shoot!

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